Call for papers: 4th Organisational Governance Conference Bucharest, Romania 15 & 16 September 2014

4th Organisational Governance Conference

Community Sustainability and Organisational Governance

Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania

15 & 16 September 2014

Call for Papers

There is considerable evidence that the field of social responsibility is changing and maturing. This can be seen from the issues which are of concern to people currently researching in the field. The concept of CSR has gradually spilled over to the other fields of inquiry so much so that today we can speak about the inclusion of social responsibility in any type of human activity (business, politics, justice, etc.)

Since its formulation as a concept, the CSR has continuously evolved under the pressure of consumers, concern about the environment, as well as debates revolving around the need of improving the environment and labour standards. Since the 1990s, the pressures of globalization have led to growing attention paid to the relationship between the CSR and community issues and human rights. The recent global financial crisis brought even more vigorous the debate about the role of businesses and their responsibilities toward the society. Some authors place among the causes of the crisis the companies’ behaviour and the ignorance on real community issues.

As far as governance is concerned there is a new concept emerging – sustainable governance. Certainly social issues (ageing, migration etc), human rights issues, environmental issues (climate change, resource depletion, etc) are all causes of concern. Issues regarding social responsibility are significant at the macro level of the economy, at the corporate level and also at the micro level of individual behaviour. And this concern for governance is broader that corporations, extending also to the governance of markets and countries and to governance in a global economy.

The list below is only indicative of possible topic areas that contributors may wish to consider while they develop their papers for the conference:

· Organisational Governance and Firm CSR/Sustainability Values

· CSR/Sustainability Regulation and Organisational Governance

· Organisational Governance and CSR/Sustainability Reporting Quality

· Organisational Governance Mechanisms and CSR/Sustainability

· Organisational Governance and Business Ethics

· Organisational Governance and in a Sustainable Market

· Organisational Governance and Sustainable Risk Management

· Organisational Governance and Sustainable Supply Chain

· Organisational Governance and Firms Sustainability

· Organisational Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility

· Organisational Governance and Stakeholders

· Theoretical perspectives on Organisational Governance

· Governance as a Macroeconomic issue

· Regulatory Failures and Organisational Governance

· Social Responsibility and Community issues

· Organisational Governance in the Public Sector/ NGO sector

· Audit and organisational governance

· Models of organisational governance

Offers to run workshops, symposia, poster sessions, themed tracks or alternative events are especially welcome. Please contact Prof. dr. Rodica Milena Zaharia ( with suggestions.

Although preference will be given to full papers, abstracts of 200-500 words will also be considered. All papers and abstracts should be sent by 1st June 2014 by email to No more than 2 papers will be accepted from any author.

Abstracts registration: June 1, 2014

Full papers deadline: August 1, 2014

We will publish proceedings and full details concerning other publishing opportunities for the papers presented at the conference will be provided during the conference.

Conference fees

Regular conference fee: 220 Euro.

Early bird fee: payments made till July 20, 2014 – 170 EURO

There are a limited number of special fees – 50% off the regular conference fee (110 Euro) — for PhD students. These fee reductions are offered on competitive basis. If you are eligible please contact the conference chair Dr. Alin Stancu (

Please check if you need a visa for your travel to Romania ( To get an official invitation for the conference please contacts the conference chair.

Venue of the Conference

The conference will be held in Bucharest University of Economic Studies Romania. The conference fee will include meals and conference materials. There is plenty of good hotel accommodation nearby to suit all budgets and details will be given with registration details. An optional sightseeing tour will be arranged for after the conference and details will be announced later.

Full and updated details can be found at the conference website:

We look forward to welcoming you to Bucharest in 2014 for what promises to be an exciting conference.

Asst Prof Alin Stancu                                                            Professor David Crowther
Conference Chair                                                                    Chair of Scientific Committee
Bucharest University of Economic Studies                 Head of CROG
Bucharest                                                                                    De Montfort University
Romania                                                                                      Leicester, UK                                               

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