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Publications by our members

Some publications by our members:

1. Regulating Multinationals in Developing Countries.
A Conceptual and Legal Framework for Corporate Social Responsibility

Imprint: Gower
Illustrations: Includes 3 b&w illustrations
Published: August 2012
Format: 244 x 172 mm
Extent: 306 pages
Binding: Hardback
ISBN: 978-1-4094-4463-3
ISBN Short: 9781409444633
Price : £65.00 » Website price: £58.50
BL Reference: 346.1’24066-dc23
LoC Control No: 2011052183
Edwin Mujih, London Metropolitan University, UK

2.Territories of Social Responsibility
Opening the Research and Policy Agenda

Imprint: Gower
Published: November 2012
Format: 244 x 172 mm
Extent: 220 pages
Binding: Hardback
ISBN: 978-1-4094-4852-5
ISBN Short: 9781409448525
Price : £60.00 » Website price: £54.00
BL Reference: 306.3-dc23
LoC Control No: 2012019176
Edited by Patricia Ashley and David Crowther

3. A Social Critique of Corporate Reporting
Semiotics and Web-based Integrated Reporting

Imprint: Gower
Illustrations: Includes 18 b&w illustrations
Published: October 2012
Format: 244 x 172 mm
Extent: 254 pages
Binding: Hardback
ISBN: 978-1-4094-4188-5
ISBN Short: 9781409441885
Price : £60.00 » Website price: £54.00
BL Reference: 658.1’512-dc23
LoC Control No: 2012006176
Edition: Second Edition
David Crowther, De Montfort University, UK

Congratulations to all involved!


12th International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility JUNE 20-22, 2013 Brazil

12th International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility
20, 21 and 22 – JUNE 2013
Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil

For our 12th conference in this series we will be visiting Brazil where the conference will be held in Rio de Janeiro and hosted by Universidade Federal Fluminense. It will be organised as usual in conjunction with the Social Responsibility Research Network (SRRNet).

Call for Papers

As always the conference is intended to be interdisciplinary and welcomes contributions from anyone who has a perspective on this important issue. This time we will be focusing on one of the most significant issues of the present. So at this conference there will be a focus on the theme of

Rio + 20 and after

It is now 20 years since the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, better known as the Earth Summit was held in Rio de Janeiro. The issues addressed in the conference included:
• A scrutiny of patterns of production – particularly production with hazardous components or waste, such as lead in petrol, or poisonous waste from other products;
• Alternative sources of energy to replace fossil fuels which had already been linked to global climate change;
• A reliance on public transport systems in order to reduce vehicle emissions, congestion in cities and the health problems caused by polluted air and smog;
• The growing scarcity of water as a resource in various parts of the world.

An important achievement of the conference was an agreement on the Climate Change Convention which in turn led to the Kyoto Protocol. Another was agreement to “not carry out any activities on the lands of indigenous peoples that would cause environmental degradation or that would be culturally inappropriate”. Now 20 years later it is time to examine the effects of this conference.

Although the conference will be focused on Rio + 20, papers addressing all other areas of CSR are welcome. Thus papers are welcome on any topic related to this broad theme and suggested topics for papers include:

• Post Rio activity and inactivity
• CSR and environmental activity
• CSR and business ethics
• CSR and a low carbon economy
• CSR and sustainability
• Corporate governance and sustainability
• Evaluating CSR activities
• Developing sustainable strategies
• Accounting for climate change
• Social entrepreneurship
• Dealing with Hubbert’s Peak
• Measuring and managing virtual water content
• Carbon footprint accounting
• Socially responsible business activities
• Globalisation and Corporate Activity
• Regulation of Corporate Social and Environmental Behaviour
• Relationship between CSR and corporate performance
• CSR and value creation

Offers to run workshops, symposia, poster sessions, themed tracks or alternative events are especially welcome. Please contact Alice Costa with suggestions.

Although preference will be given to full papers, abstracts of 200-500 words will also be considered. All papers and abstracts should be sent by 1st March 2013 by email to No more than 2 papers will be accepted from any author.

We will publish proceedings and full details concerning other publishing opportunities for the papers presented at the conference will be provided during the conference.

Doctoral Colloquium

This year we will again be running a doctoral colloquium as part of the conference. The aim will be to give detailed feedback to doctoral researchers concerning their papers. Feedback will be specific to each person and their research, and will be given by an experienced academic in the field. The colloquium will be an integral part of the conference and all delegates will be expected to participate fully in the conference but the sessions will give extra time to presenters – to allow for discussion and formal feedback. This colloquium will be organised by Professor Dr Güler Aras and abstracts of 200-500 words should be sent by 1st March 2013 by email to In order to allow detailed feedback full papers will be required in advance of the conference – full details will be given to participants upon acceptance.

Following the tradition established at the 6th conference in Kuala Lumpur, a Young Academician award will be made during this colloquium.

Venue of the Conference

The conference will be held in Rio de Janeiro. The conference fee will be announced later and will include accommodation, meals and conference materials. An optional sightseeing tour will be organised at the end of the conference; full details will be available later. We look forward to welcoming you to Rio in 2013 for the 12th conference in the series.

Full and updated details can be found at the conference website:


Professor Alice Costa
Conference Chair
Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil

Professor Dr David Crowther Professor
Chair of SRRNet
De Montfort University, UK

Dr Güler Aras
Chair of SRRNet
Yildiz University, Turkey