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Call for contributions Social Responsibility Review

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Call for chapters The Governance of Risk- Emerald Deadline: June 30

Call for Chapters
The Governance of Risk
Edited by Gűler Aras & David Crowther
To be published by Emerald 2013
In the series Developments in Corporate Governance and Responsibility – series
Editors: Güler Aras & David Crowther

The relationship between economic or social or political activity and risk is widely recognised at a societal level, a market level and a business level, and equally widely discussed. The relationship between governance and risk at all of these levels is equally widely recognised but much less widely discussed. But the consequences of poor governance in this arena have been exposed to all in the recent financial and economic crisis as financial institutions and even countries have collapsed or come close to collapsing. The relationship between governance and risk is particularly important in the global environment in which we operate and needs to be more fully discussed and theorised. This book is designed to address important aspects of this topic and set it within the context of the global business and societal environment.

Instructions to contributors
If you are interested in contributing to this volume then first submit a brief abstract outlining your contribution for approval prior to submitting a chapter. Chapters should be between 6000 and 14000 words in length and should address any aspect of this topic. Draft chapters should be submitted in Word format (any version). References should be presented in Harvard style. Diagrams should be suitable for reproduction in black / white. Any necessary permissions musty be provided with the manuscript

Abstracts are required by 30 June – decision within 4 weeks.
Final agreed versions are required by 31 October 2012.