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Latest issue of Social Responsibility Review

The latest issue of Social Responsibility Review is available. As usual it contains some interesting articles and the writers would like your feedback. The Review can  be found on our website. I hope you enjoy reading it. And please pass a copy to anyone who you think might be interested.


Conference Announcement and Call for Papers on Sustainable Innovation for Enhancing Global Competitiveness in Asian Countries

Conference Announcement and Call for Papers on Sustainable Innovation for Enhancing Global Competitiveness in Asian Countries 

International Conference on Sustainable Innovation (ICoSi 2012) and 3rd International Joint- Seminar (IJS 2012). 19-21 March 2012, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, Indonesia


The era of globalization beginning from the second half of the twentieth century is largely characterized by tremendous changes in physical appearance of human achievements, and these changes evidently remain continue. This is especially demonstrated by breakthroughs in science and technology which constitute a backbone of the modern civilization. While rapid progress of technology gives impetus to vast industrialization that significantly contributes to economic growth of a country, the focus on the short-term economic growth has led to the world’s malaises such as macroeconomic imbalances; moral decadence, family breakthrough; growing inequality and environmental destruction.

To overcome the problems, mutual understanding among nations and countries, and thus among civilizations must be developed by considering inner capacity of every localities and developing the world based on ethical values. Regional consideration in terms of cultural differences, political platform of a country, economic achievements, environmental resources, social capital and the like obtain significance in the regard.

Asian countries can take productive roles as they have shifted from just a home of cheap labor and programming skills to a powerhouse of economic growth generated by innovation in technology. The venture is how Asian countries wisely gear those opportunities to the design and implementation of more sound and sustainable innovation to elevate the Asian countries’ competitive advantages.

Conference Themes

The main theme of the conference is “Sustainable innovation for Enhancing Global Competitiveness in Asian Countries”.

The conference welcomes conceptual and research-based papers related to the following sub-themes:

  1. Enhancement of innovative and effective government in cross cultural and religious perspective
  2. Policy innovation, mass media, educational and legal governance issues
  3. Roles of technology in supporting good governance
  4. Energy conservation in information technology
  5. Sustainable and conservation issues in built environment
  6. Innovation is Islamic economies, banking and financial system
  7. Roles of agriculture in food and energy security
  8. Trend in agriculture and environment sustainability
  9. Enhancing environmental quality in food production
  10. Sustainable innovation in health issues
  11. Sustainable innovations in disasters management
  12. Economic development and sustainability
  13. Innovation, growth and sustainability
  14. Learning, capability building and innovation
  15. Innovation studies and sustainability
  16. Transnational knowledge, technology and governance networks and sustainable innovation

Submission details 

There will be two tracks for abstract submissions; papers and posters. Abstracts should be maximum 500 words and must be submitted online via the conference website:   latest by 30 October 2011. Acceptance of all abstracts will be based on relevance for sustainable innovation issues stated in the conference themes, originality and overall quality. Final acceptance of abstract will be communicated by 1 November 2011 via email.

Full papers of 3000-9000 words (maximum) are to be submitted latest by 4 February 2012. Acceptance full paper notification will be informed by 14 January 2012.

Click here to see the Paper guideline and structure

 Important dates
  1. Call for papers,  15 September 2011
  2. Abstract submission deadline,   30 October 2011
  3. Acceptance of abstract notification , 1 November 2011
  4. Full paper submission deadline, 4 February 2011
  5. Acceptance of full paper notification,  14 January 2011

New book: Corporate Social Responsibility in the 21st Century

 New from Edward Elgar Publishing:

Corporate Social Responsibility in the 21st Century

Debates, Models and Practices Across Government, Law and Business

Bryan Horrigan, Monash University, Australia

This timely and thorough book offers one of the most wide-ranging, inter-disciplinary, and cross jurisdictional analyses of corporate social responsibility so far in the 21st century.

Professor Bryan Horrigan spans subjects as diverse and topical as global corporate responsibility and governance debates, practical guidelines for responsible businesses and their professional advisers, governmental roles in corporate social responsibility, corporations and human rights, and the new era of ‘enlightened shareholder value’. He also highlights an emerging transnational and comparative body of law, regulation, and practice on corporate social responsibility. Illustrated throughout with meaningful controversies and examples, the book also highlights the major recent global developments in corporate social responsibility already this century, focusing especially on Europe, the UK, North America, and Australasia, and charting its future regulatory and research directions worldwide.

The book’s scholarly foundation, up-to-date coverage, and accessible style will appeal particularly to academic researchers and students of corporate social responsibility in the fields of law, business, management, economics, and political science in a number of countries. It will also be of great interest and use to those whose work involves corporate social responsibility within government, business, and civil society.

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