Call for contributions Developments in Corporate Governance and Responsibility Series

There is still space for a couple of more chapters in these forthcoming books in the Emerald Developments in Corporate Governance and Responsibility Series. Get in touch if you wish to contribute.

Details are:

1. Corporate Responsibility and Stakeholding

Although much consideration has been given to the relationship between a corporation and its stakeholders, less attention has been given as to who those stakeholders might consist of. Nevertheless in this globalised world the effects of the actions of a corporation can been seen to extend far beyond the boundaries of the organisation and far beyond the countries in which that corporation is domiciled or operates. Indeed not only can a butterfly flapping its wings cause a hurricane in another part of the world but also a minor decision by a corporation can have a dramatic social, economic or geopolitical impact in other parts of the world. Thus the stakeholder community of a corporation must be considered as far greater than its voluntary stakeholders, far greater than its internal stakeholders and far greater than its supply chain and value chain. This has considerable implications for the corporation and its approach to both its operations and its sense of corporate responsibility. Too often this is not considered or even recognised so in this book we intend to take the widest definition of stakeholders and consider aspect of the corporation’s responsibility to this community.

2. Modern Organisational Governance

It is apparent that all forms of organisation have governance requirements and procedures but too often we just consider governance in a corporate environment. Equally it is accepted that the concept of governance is concerned with the relationship between the organisation and all of its stakeholders but is too often interpreted as a concern for the relationship between a corporation and its investors (or potential investors). Still this is essentially true as far as most corporations are concerned. Such narrow views are unrealistic and are inappropriate in the modern global world which we inhabit and many would blame problems with governance for the economic and financial turmoil which the world has experienced during the last decade. Much analysis has been undertaken about governance but little in the way of change is manifest and few seem to recognise both the need to consider radical changes in the modern global environment and the opportunities and possibilities presented by the current environment. In this book therefore we intend to take a broad (and possibly radical) approach and consider governance requirements in the modern world – not just for corporations but for all forms of organisation.

Both will be editted by David Crowther and Shahla Seifi. If you are interested in contributing to either of these volumes then please forward either your chapter or an outline of it together with an indication of when it might be completed to Shahla ( Quality is essential and so all contributions are reviewed prior to acceptance.


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