Call for papers: Fifth Organizational Governance Conference & Fourteenth International Conference on Social Responsibility

Fifth Organizational Governance Conference
& Fourteenth International Conference on Social Responsibility
Hosted by Lüleburgaz Vocational School, Kýrklareli University

Representing the organizing committee, we are pleased to announce the 5th Organisational Governance Conference & 14th International Conference on Social Responsibility to be hosted by Lüleburgaz Vocational School, Kırklareli University, Turkey in conjunction with the Social Responsibility Research Network (SRRNet); where the conference will be held in the city of Tekirdağ on September 9–12, 2015. The official language of the conference is English. Papers, never been presented/published anywhere are welcome for the conference. Although preference will be given to full papers, abstracts of 200-500 words will also be considered.

Traditionally the joint conference is intended to be interdisciplinary and welcomes contributions from anyone who has a perspective on these important issues. At this conference the theme will be: Ways of Realizing the High Quality Sustainable CSR and CG Dream.

Professor, PhD. David Crowther
Chair of the Scientific Committee

Prof. Dr. Kıymet Çalıyurt
SRRNet Chair of Conference Serial

Iffet Kesimli
Conference Chair

Location: Ramada Hotel, Tekirdağ/Turkey
Date: 9th – 12th September 2015

Theme: Ways of Realizing the High Quality Sustainable CSR and CG Dream
Abstracts or full papers should be sent to the following e-mail addresses at the same time: and Authors of accepted papers will be invited to register as a presenter in the conference. Early submissions and full papers will receive priority. Full papers and abstracts will be reviewed for acceptance and selected full papers will be double-blind reviewed. Only papers and abstracts presented during the conference will be published. Presented papers will be compiled in a CD as conference proceedings. Furthermore, as an option, presented papers will be published in ejovoc (Electronic Journal of Vocational Colleges) and Social Responsibility Journal issued by SRRNet. Following a peer review process, the papers shall be published in serial Gower as a book section. All of these publishing opportunities are optional. Authors, who do not wish to utilize these publishing opportunities, shall inform the Organizing Committee at the time they send their papers for review.
Not more than two papers will be accepted from any author.

1st Deadline: April 8th 2015 – for early birds and abstracts
2nd Deadline: June 30th 2015 – for all papers
3rd Deadline: July 30th 2015 – for last-minute papers (will be evaluated depending on space)
Send your paper to: and at the same time.

Full papers and abstracts should be send in MS WORD (*.docx). In order to avoid misalignments, it is advised for papers with graphics and/or tables to be sent the Acrobat (*.pdf) version, too. All papers will be subject to a peer review process.
Samples from the themes which will be considered and discussed are:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility vs. Public Relations
  • Corporate Social Responsibility vs. Advertising
  • Sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Sustainable Organizational Governance
  • CSR and Employee Engagement
  • CSR, Corporate Governance and Integrated Reporting
  • Organizational Governance and Firm CSR/Sustainability Values
  • CSR/Sustainability Regulation and Organizational Governance
  • Organizational Governance and CSR/Sustainability Reporting Quality
  • Organizational Governance Mechanisms and CSR/Sustainability
  • Organizational Governance and Business Ethics
  • Organizational Governance in a Sustainable Market
  • Organizational Governance and Sustainable Risk Management
  • Organizational Governance and Sustainable Supply Chain
  • Organizational Governance and Firms Sustainability
  • Organizational Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Organizational Governance and Stakeholders
  • Theoretical perspectives on Organizational Governance
  • Governance as a Macroeconomic issue
  • Regulatory Failures and Organizational Governance
  • Social Responsibility and Community issues
  • Organizational Governance in the Public Sector/ NGO sector
  • Audit and Organizational Governance
  • Auditor Responsibility and CSR
  • Models of Organizational Governance.

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