Announcement for all SRRNet members

Many of you will know that Guler is Dean of the faculty of Economics and Business Administration at her university. This means that she has a heavy workload at her university. Sadly this means that she is not able to devote sufficient time to Network activities and has therefore tendered her resignation. I am sure that you would like to join me in thanking her for her contribution to the Network.

The Network is 10 years old now and has grown to around 1000 members. It has involved a lot of my time in developing the Network and in organising our annual conference and our publications. You will have noticed that the journal now has 3 associate editors who help manage the workload. And you will have noticed that Lina has joined us and manages the website and assists me in producing the Review. But organising the conferences is also a heavy workload and so we have decided to reorganise the team and Professor Kiymet Caliyurt will join us as Conferences Chair.

With immediate effect therefore Kiymet will take over the organisation of our conferences and you can contact her at

The new team therefore will be:

Founding Chair: Professor Dr David Crowther (

Conferences Chair: Professor Dr Kiymet Caliyurt (

Webmaster: Dr Lina Gomez (


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