Call for papers 2nd Organizational Conference 14 & 15 September 2012 Morocco

 2nd Organisational Governance Conference: Global Governance: the raising of awareness.

 14 & 15 September 2012

Call for Papers

The events that have marked 2011, from the Arab Spring revolutions to the different collapses in the financial markets in the western world and the Euro Debt Crisis in Europe, have all in common the issue of Governance.

The different sorts of media, especially the social media, have contributed to the rapid spread of the awareness of governance issues and enabled unprecedented numbers of people to manifest their fury about the lack of governance in the management of not only firm and markets, but whole countries and regions.

Governance crises were known mainly in the corporate world, where scandals such as Enron and the News International have captured the attention of the media and have been the number one subject of discussion for many; whereas now, it has been transferred to entire nations where the citizens have the right to make things change for the best and have the last say.

The main claims that the people have been making are centred around the establishment of accountability mechanisms that were absent, as well as real governance reforms that will lead to democracy.

The causes of the problems that happened in both the Arab and Western worlds have been divergent, however, the consequences were similar: street protests and a lack of confidence by citizens, investors, rating agencies and International Organisations. This shows how much governance is at the heart of a prosperous and durable organisation, whichever size or kind it is, from Small and Medium companies, Multinational corporations, Non-Governmental Organisations, to governments and states.

This conference will be focused on the importance of accountability, and how it varies from one environment to another, as well as how governance can be practised effectively in the shadow of the turmoil and unrest in the Arab and Western worlds taking into consideration the specificities of each and every culture. The issue of rules based or principles based governance is also to be discussed, especially as different parts of the worlds have different cultures and beliefs.

The question that could be asked is whether the raising of awareness combined with the stakeholders’ power in claiming their rights, is enough to change people’s mentalities and behaviours in order to achieve a well governed organisation, or country.

The list below is only indicative of possible topic areas that contributors may wish to consider while they develop their papers for the conference:

· Theoretical perspectives on Organisational Governance
· Governance as a Macroeconomic issue
· Regulatory Failures and Organisational Governance
· Governance codes and their effects
· Governance and Accountability
· Assessments of the Organisational Governance Mechanism
· Corporate Governance and Business Ethics
· Corporate Governance and Market Governance
· Corporate Governance and Reputational Risk Management
· From Corporate Governance to Organisational Governance
· Governance and Political Stability
· Organisational Governance and Social Responsibility
· Organisational Governance and Stakeholders
· Governance in Not For Profit Sector

Offers to run workshops, symposia, poster sessions, themed tracks or alternative events are especially welcome. Please contact Mourad Oubrich (; with suggestions.

Although preference will be given to full papers, abstracts of 200-500 words will also be considered. All papers and abstracts should be sent by 31st May 2012 by email to . No more than 2 papers will be accepted from any author. Deadline for registration is 15 June 2012

We will publish proceedings and full details concerning other publishing opportunities for the papers presented at the conference will be provided during the conference.

Important dates

Abstract/Paper submission: May 31, 2012

Notification of acceptance: June 10, 2012

Conference: September 14–15, 2012

Registration Deadlines: June 15, 2012

Conference Organizers

Mourad Oubrich, CIEMS

David Crowther, De Montfort University

Nada Rih, CIEMS

Sara Abdaless, De Montfort University

Manar Alaoui, CIEMS

Redouane Barzi, CIEMS

Adil Chouiekh, CIEMS

Registration fee details



PhD student

Early registration Up to June 15, 2012

3000 DH (300 euros)

2500 DH (250 euros)

2000 DH (200 euros)

Late registrationAfter June 15, 2012

3500 DH (350 euros)

3000 DH (300 euros)

2500 DH (250 euros)

 Mode of Payment

Payment of registration fee can be made using one of the following modes:

•Cheque: Prepare a cheque in favor of CIEMS payable in Rabat for the required registration amount. Download the registration form, completely fill it and mail it to the address given in the form.

•Wire transfer: You can transfer the registration fee to the conference bank account given below. Download the registration form, fill in the details and mail it to the address given in the form. Do not forget to mention the wire transfer transaction ID in the registration form. Without this information it will be very difficult to track the transaction.

Beneficiary account number: 181 810 21116 44981600007 88

Account holder name: CIEMS

Bank name: Banque Populaire

Bank branch: Banque Populaire de Rabat – Kenitra, Agence El Fath, Rabat, Morocco

Swift code : BCP OMA MC CRAB


Following hotels are available for accommodation :

  • Golden Tulip Farah Rabat Hotel: Place Sidi Makhlouf. 10000 Rabat, Morocco Phone +212 37 23 74 00, Fax +212 37 72 21 55, Email:  Website:
  • Hôtel Rihab: 45 Avenue Moulay Ismail, Rabat, Morocco, Tel.: + 212 5 37 70 48 34
  • Hôtel Sofitel Rabat Jardin des Roses: BP 450 Souissi , 10000 Rabat, Morocco, Tel : (+212) 537/675656 – (+212)537/671492
  • Le Diwan Rabat, Place de l’Unite Africaine, Rabat 10005, Morocco, Tel : (+212)537/262727. Fax : (+212)537/262424, Email :
  • Ibis Moussafir Rabat: 32-34 Rue Abderrahmanne El Ghafiki, Place de la Gare. Rabat 10000, Morocco. Tel.: (+212) 537/774926 Fax.: (+212) 537/774903

Venue of the Conference

The conference will be held in the Institut National des Postes et Telecommunications (Rabat, Morocco). Full and updated details can be found at the conference website :

We look forward to welcoming you to Rabat in 2012 for what promises to be an exciting conference.

Professor Mourad Oubrich, Conference Chair, President, CIEMS Head of CROG, INPT. Rabat, Morocco.  Email:

Professor David Crowther, Chair of Scientific Committee, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK. Email:


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